Fees, Insurance and Billing Services


Our business office personnel have extensive experience with health insurance, billing and collections.   They are available Monday through Friday to assist you with your account and to answer your insurance related questions.  The business office can be reached at 816-361-0664 x 211, or by email at haaofficemgr@gmail.com.  Please feel free to talk to your therapist as well at any time regarding your bill or our payment policies.


Most medical insurance plans cover psychotherapy.  The responsibility for payment is ultimately yours and it is important for you to understand your coverage.  We encourage you to contact your insurance carrier regarding the details of your particular coverage.  Here are some questions to ask:

  • Is psychotherapy covered?
  • If so, may I choose whomever I want or do I have to see someone from your network of providers?
  • Is the therapist I have chosen on your list of providers?
  • If I am able to choose for myself, how does this affect the amount I have to pay out of pocket?
  • What is my deductible?
  • What is my co-pay?
  • How many sessions per year are covered?
  • Do I need prior authorization?
  • Is there anything my therapist needs to do before I begin?

Bring to your initial visit,  a copy of your insurance card(s) and a picture identification card.  As a service to you, the business office will file and follow up on your insurance claims.  Due to frequent changes in insurance plans and benefits, our staff will review and update your insurance information on a regular basis.  Please notify us when you receive new cards or have any changes in coverage.

Hutchinson and Associates therapists are affiliated with many insurance panels, meaning they are considered “in-network”.  Not all therapists are affiliated with every network but we have made prior arrangements with many health plans to accept an assignment of benefits. This means that we will bill those plans direct and will only require you to pay your copay, coinsurance and/or deductible amounts.  If you have insurance through a plan for which we do not have a prior agreement, we will still bill that insurance but the balance is your responsibility.  It is ultimately up to you to verify that we are in network and participate with your insurance plan.

Your Hutchinson & Associates therapist may choose to establish a self-pay agreement with clients who do not have insurance or who choose not to utilize their insurance.


All copays and self-pay arrangements are due at the time of your visit. A convenient payment station is available in our office where we accept cash, checks, money orders, American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover.  Payments can also be mailed to 222 West Gregory Blvd. Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64116, phoned-in to 816-361-0664 x 211, and processed through our payment portal.