Forensic Evaluations

A wide range of civil and criminal forensic services are offered by Marilyn Hutchinson. Dr. Hutchinson has been a forensic expert for over thirty years and has evaluated over 500 criminal and 200 civil clients. Lawyers and clients can expect Dr. Hutchinson to provide a thorough evaluation and complete consideration of the psycho-legal issues. Dr. Hutchinson’s extensive experience can be used to assist lawyers in understanding psychological defenses, the issues to address in direct and cross examination, as well as making sense out of testing data and diagnoses. Known for her high ethical standards, you can expect a fair and considered opinion that will be defensible as litigation proceeds.

Dr. Hutchinson has provided testimony in the following areas of expertise:


  • Battered spouse in self-defense
  • Battered spouse as duress
  • State of mind at time of alleged offense
  • Competency: Miranda, Confession, Trial, Plea and Execution

Civil (For Plaintiff and Defense):

  • Employment: Discrimination, Harassment, Gender, sexual, race, age, disability
  • Rape Trauma
  • Product Liability
  • Personal Injury – emotional and physical harm
  • Professional malpractice

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