Psychological Evaluations

Hutchinson & Associates offers a wide range of Personality and Neurological assessments that can be applied in forensic, employment, treatment, and personal settings. These settings could include evaluations for adoption, licensing requirements, or immigration hardship.

Sometimes, a treating therapist, physician, or psychiatrist might refer a client for psychological testing in order to clarify a confusing diagnostic picture. In such cases, testing often assists both the treating professional and the client in developing realistic and useful approaches to problems. Employers often utilize the information that can be gained by psychological testing to make hiring or placement decisions. In this setting, testing is able to help employers focus the strengths and interests of an employee toward an area that will yield the best possible chance of success.

Psychological testing is often the most useful and effective way to understand certain kinds of issues. Psychological testing encompasses a broad range of instruments that are able to assess myriad factors such as ADHD, PTSD, career interests, personality strengths, depression, anxiety, drug and/or alcohol abuse, chronic versus situational elements of functioning, parenting ability and hundreds of other psychological variables and conditions.

Again psychological testing is used in a number of different settings. If you are interested in how psychological testing may benefit you in your personal or professional circumstance, please contact us for a consultation by clicking Getting Started.