Couples Therapy

When a serious relationship is not going well – nothing goes well.  Relationship issues can be as “simple” as a lack of communication that prevents understanding or as complex as opposing views on issues such as frequency of sexual relations, having children or moving.  Whatever simple or complex problems and disagreements you and your partner are having, couples therapy is a good place to start.  When you have done all that each of you know how to do, the next step is getting outside help.  Couples therapy often involves learning new skills in communication, fighting, and compromise.  It can provide a place to safely discuss really hard issues.  Significant relationships are the backbone of our day-to-day life and deserve the very best we can bring to them.  If your relationship is tense and irritating, if it lacks the intimacy you once had, or if it does not meet your hopes and dreams for your family, contact Hutchinson and Associates and schedule a couples consultation.

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