Trauma Treatment

Facing hardships in life is normal but there are events so traumatic that they exceed the ability to find healthy ways to cope.  Trauma can be recent or as remote as early childhood.  Left untreated, trauma can cause depression, anxiety, avoidance, sleep disturbance and other troubling symptoms.  Trauma can be the result of specific damaging events or the result of long-term patterns that finally exceed coping mechanisms.  We are prepared to help you navigate the difficult real life situations that have been the most significant triggers for you.

At Hutchinson and Associates we offer a variety of treatment approaches including psychodynamic, insight, cognitive behavioral and EMDR therapists.  We have a depth of experience providing sensitive and effective treatments even if distress has been longstanding.  Those clients who wish to integrate a spiritual component to their therapy are encouraged to do so.  Contact us click here or by calling us at 816-361-0664, Ext 202 to schedule your consultation.